Special Term Settings

Most term settings are easy to understand and you can update them in one step. However, some settings can include multiple steps when editing a term. Before you change these settings, it is important to understand how these settings work.

Linguistic Settings

You can edit the settings on the Linguistic Information tab to configure how Acrolinx analyzes terms when you check text.

To change the linguistic settings, follow these steps:

  1. Open a term and open the Linguistic Information tab.
  2. Edit one or more of the following settings: 


    This setting defines language of the current term. To change the language, select a new language from the dropdown.

    If you change the language, there are special consequences to consider. Before you change the language, make sure that you have read the topic about Languages.

    Check inflections
    Use this setting to enable Acrolinx linguistic intelligence, and check the inflected forms of a word within your term.

    The  Check Inflections  option is available as long as there is a language server running that can process the language of the term. For example, you can only select Check Inflections for German terms when a German language server is running.

    After you select Check Inflections and configure the other linguistic settings, your settings are saved, even if the responsible language server is subsequently stopped.

    However, you cannot change the word to inflect and the morphosyntactic restriction until the language server is started again.

    Word to inflectIf you have enabled the Check inflections setting, you can use the radio buttons to select the word that you want to inflect.
    Morphosyntactic Restriction (MSR)
    Use this setting to select the type of inflection to detect.

    For example, if you have selected the word load, you can choose one of the following MSRs:

    • Noun to restrict the check to the singular and plural form load and loads only.
    • Verb to restrict the check to the verb forms load, loads loadedloading .

    Acrolinx selects an MSR for you whenever you create a term.

    The part of speech values in the Morphosyntactic Restriction dropdown are provided by the Acrolinx dictionary and are specific to the word you select in the Word to inflect option.

  3. Your changes are saved immediately.

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