Search and Browse for Terms

This article describes how to find terms in the Acrolinx Terminology Manager.

Find Terms Quickly

To find terms without customizing a Filter, use one of the following two Quick Search Tools :

  1. The Search or Create field (1) appears on every page in the Terminology Manager and enables you to do a basic search for a term, term entry, or domain name.
  2. The Terminology Summary (2) shows running totals of your terms grouped by status, language, domain and one custom list field.
  3. You can use the custom field dropdown (3) to change the list field displayed on the Terminology Summary.

Find Terms with the Search or Create Field

The Search or Create field always appears on the top left of the screen whenever you are in the Terminology Manager. This field enables you to find terms, term entries, and domains and to create term entries from one central place in the Terminology Manager interface.

The autocomplete behavior of the Search or Create field helps you to avoid creating duplicate terms unintentionally, by suggesting a list of similar terms when you enter a new term.

To find terms with the Search or Create Field follow these steps

  1. Select an option from the Search Type dropdown. The default Search Type is Term.

    • When the Search Type is set to Term or Term entry, the Terminology Manager suggests terms which match your search text.
    • When the Search Type is set to domain, the Terminology Manager suggests domain names which match your search text.

  2. Enter your search text in the search field.

    All characters are treated as wildcard searches by default. For example, if you enter the character 'a', words containing 'a' are listed in the autocomplete dropdown. Do you need more information about how the term search works?

    You can also enter an identifier for a term or term entry.

  3. The Dropdown suggests matching TermsTerm entries, or domains as well one or more Actions displayed in italics.

    The action

    • Create new term "<SEARCH_TEXT>" enables you to create a new term entry.
    • Jump to the category Manager to create domain "<SEARCH_TEXT>" appears if you have selected the search type domain and takes you to the Category Manager, where you can create a new domain.

      To clear the search box, press the ESC key. To force the autocomplete dropdown to appear, press the down arrow on your keyboard.
  4. Click on a suggestion or action in the Autocomplete Dropdown.

    The Terminology Manager creates a new search filter for your search query. When you click on a term entry name, a filter is created which shows all terms that belong to the term entry ID. When you click on a domain name, a filter is created which shows all terms that belong to the domain.

    A list of matching terms, term entries, or domains is displayed in the Search Results.