Term Identifiers

The Terminology Manager provides two types of identifiers for term entries and individual terms.

TypeUse to
Custom IdentifierKeep identifiers generated by another system.

You can use the following fields to store custom identifiers:

  • Term Entry ID
  • Term ID

You can also edit custom identifiers in the Terminology Manager interface. If you don’t have your own identifiers, a 13-digit number is automatically generated and stored in this field.

Universally Unique Identifier
Generate and store a Universally Unique Identifier (UUID) for term entries and individual terms.

You can use Universally Unique Identifiers to ensure that your terminology identifiers remain unique when transferring terms between different installations.

  • Term Entry UUID
  • Term UUID

Terminology requires all term entries and terms to have a UUID. If your terms don’t have UUIDs, Acrolinx generates one for you when a term is created.

In addition to the standard identifiers, each term also has a term database ID. The term database ID is an identifier assigned to the term by the database schema. The Acrolinx Integrations and the Term Browser use term database ID as a reference when linking to term help files.

However, the term database ID isn’t unique across different installations. When importing or exporting terms, use the term UUID or your own term ID instead of the term database ID.