Link and Unlink Terms

Term is a word or phrase that describes a distinct concept in one language. Linked terms are terms that are grouped into the same term entry and are thus linked to one another.

This linked relationship plays an important role when you check with Acrolinx. When Acrolinx highlights a deprecated term, we check to see if the deprecated term is linked to any preferred or admitted terms. If the deprecated term is linked to preferred or admitted terms, Acrolinx suggests those terms as possible replacements.

Link Terms

If you have terms in your database that are synonyms or translations of the same concept, you can link them all together. Once you link terms together, Acrolinx can suggest the preferred synonyms of a term when users check text. The terms can also share conceptual information such as the definition and or reference image.

To link terms to an existing term, follow these steps:

  1. Open the Term Page for the first term.
  2. On the Linked Terms tab, and click the top row of the linked terms table.
  3. In the prompt that appears, type the name of the new term.
  4. Select the name of the term from the dropdown that appears.

Your changes are saved immediately. The term is created and a link is added to the Linked Terms section.

 If you click Continue on the prompt, the second term entry is discarded including any information defined in the term entry level fields such as the definition.

If the term that you’ve selected is already linked to other terms, the Terminology Manager assumes that you want to merge the second term entry with the current term entry. A confirmation prompt appears which lists all terms that will move from the second term entry to the current term entry.

Unlink Terms

If you decide that some linked terms don’t belong together, you can easily unlink the terms again. When you unlink a term, that term still retains all the conceptual information from the previous term entry such as the definition or reference image. However, once the term is unlinked, you can change the conceptual information so that is more specific to the term. You might update the information to clarify that the term actually describes a concept that is independent from the terms that it was previously linked to.

To remove a link from a term to a term entry, follow these steps:

  1. Open the term page for the first term.
  2. On the Linked Terms tab, click the delete button  next to the term that you want to unlink.

    Your changes are saved immediately.