Basic Term Settings

You can use the Terms section to view and edit all aspects of a term. By default, Acrolinx comes installed with a tabbed layout with basic term information on the first tab. It’s also possible to customize the layout of the term edit page. If your administrator has customized the layout of the term page, the description here might be different from what you see in your installation.

The following description is based on the default page layout but it should be easy to use this description for a customized installation as well.



Basic InformationThis tab contains the following basic settings that you need to manage terms:
  • Status
  • Information on whether the term is a head term .
  • Image
  • Definition
  • Source of definition.
  • Domain

For more information see Term Status, Head Term and Domain.

Linked TermsThis tab contains an editable list of all terms that are linked to the current term. These terms could be synonyms or translations of the current term. For more information see Link and Unlink Terms.
Linguistic InformationThis tab contains linguistic settings that affect how Acrolinx analyzes the term when users check text with an Acrolinx integration.
Custom InformationThis tab contains custom fields that are specific to your workflow. Acrolinx has included some sample custom fields to help you get started.
Advanced InformationThis tab contains settings for configuring how Acrolinx treats variants of the current term. Under normal circumstances, you don’t need to change settings on this tab.
Administrative InformationThis tab shows a list of identifiers for the current term and shows details about who created and changed the term. You can also add comments to the current term and review comments that other users have added. For more information see Term Identifiers.