Add Discovered Terms to Your Terminology Database

The Term Discovery dashboard shows you terms that Acrolinx has discovered in your content, but which aren't yet part of your terminology. You can see how and where your writers are using these terms. You can then export the discovered terms in order to add them to your terminology database.

To add discovered terms to your terminology database, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Analytics > Term Discovery
  2. Open the web report Discovered Terms Table. You'll find it at the upper right corner of the dashboard under Detail Links.
  3. Click Export and select Excel (Column Format) and click OK.
  4. Open the file in Microsoft Excel.
  5. Delete the first row.
  6. Save the file as "Unicode Text (*.txt)".

    You can ignore the warning that the new file may contain features that aren’t compatible with Unicode text. Just save the file as intended.

  7. Import the file into the Terminology Manager.

    Got to Terminology > Import and select CSV as File Format. In the Format-specific Options, select the Delimiter <tab> and the Encoding UTF-16LE.

    Then follow the standard procedure for importing terminology.

  8. Validate the terms in the Terminology Manager.

    To validate the terms, you typically create a filter that displays only the terms that you imported in the previous step. Then, you use the editing options to assign statuses and domains to terms, link relevant terms together, or delete non-terms.