Import Terms

Do you already have terminology that you'd like to bring to Acrolinx? Maybe you have a spreadsheet that contains your company's words and phrases. Use the Term Import Wizard to import terminology from different file types. In the following articles, you'll learn how to prepare images for import, set the import options and access the import summary page. Term Discovery lets you see which terms your writers use and how, and you can choose to add discovered terms to your Terminology database. 

Term Import Wizard

Use the term import wizard to import a terminology file in CSV, ACTIF, OLIF or any custom XML-based terminology exchange format.

The term import wizard consists of several steps:

  1. Setting your initial import options.
  2. Mapping columns or elements in your source data to fields in the Terminology Manager.
  3. Mapping values in your source data to list items in existing list fields in the Terminology Manager.