Term Transfer Tool

If you regularly transfer terms between different terminology databases, you might prefer to transfer the terms from the command line. The term transfer tool is a simple standalone tool that you can use to import terms, export terms, and to create or restore a terminology database backup without logging into the Dashboard. Because the term transfer tool is script-based, you can also integrate it with other automated processes in your organization. The term transfer tool is delivered as a standalone package that is installed independently from the Acrolinx Core Platform. The term transfer tool must be enabled in your Acrolinx license before you can start using the tool. Contact Acrolinx to obtain a copy of the term transfer package and to enable the term transfer tool in your license.

Additionally, ensure that your Acrolinx installation meets the following prerequisites before you get started with the tool:

  • If you want to use the term transfer tool with Acrolinx server version 5.0 or later, you must have version 5.0 of the tool as well.
  • You must have at least one saved import or export configuration before you can export or import terms. You create a saved import or export configuration by when you import or export terms in the Dashboard.
  • If you use the Oracle JDK (Java Development Kit), you need to have Java 8 installed on your computer.

You must also have the following user privileges to use the term transfer tool:

    • Access API-based terminology applications (required for all tasks)
    • Import terms
    • Export terms
    • Create database backups
    • Restore database backups
    • Reload language server configuration

      You must have this privilege if you plan to deploy imported terms for checking.


Once you have received the term transfer tool package, you can install the term transfer tool by unzipping the package and confirming that the tool can correctly locate your Java installation.

Install the Term Transfer Tool

Import and Export

You can import and export terms by running the Term Transfer Tool with the appropriate parameters. 

Import Terms with the Term Transfer Tool

Export Terms with the Term Transfer Tool

Database Backups

As well as importing and exporting terms, you can also use the term transfer tool to create and restore database backups of your entire terminology database.

Database Backups with the Term Transfer Tool

Reload Language Configurations

As well as deploying terms after an import, you can also use the term transfer tool to reload all language configurations without running an import first.

Reload Language Configurations with the Term Transfer Tool