Term Contributor

This is intended for users who may not have access to the Terminology Manager but need an efficient way to submit new terms to the terminology database.

About the Term Contributor

Learn how to contribute a term and what happens after a term is contributed.

Get Started With the Term Contributor

It assumes that your organization has installed the Acrolinx Terminology Manager, and that you have web access to the computer where the Acrolinx Core Platform is installed.

The term contribution feature enhances terminology lifecycle management by offering the following benefits:

  • Users without access to the Dashboard can participate in the terminology management process.
  • Users can easily propose new terms without detailed knowledge of the terminology management functions that the Acrolinx Terminology Manager provides.
  • Users can add comments and provide additional information for existing terms.
  • Administrators can customize which fields are available for term contributors and customize the styling for the term contribution page. Learn how in Customize the Term Contributor.
  • As an admin, you can configure access to the term contribution and comment forms and enable anonymous term contribution. Learn more in Configure the Term Contributor.

The term contribution feature is included as a standard feature of the Acrolinx Core Platform.