Translation Term Browser View

To open the Term Browser in translation view:

  • Open the following URL in a web browser:


The Search Form

When you open the Term Browser in translation view, the following search form appears on the left-hand side of the screen.

The search form has the following parts:

PartUse to
Term Search fieldEnter a search term.
Search buttonStart a search.
Clear Search buttonClear the term search field.
Search Language dropdown
Restrict your search to a specific language.


If you select English, the Term Browser only searches within English terms.

The Term Browser saves your selection in a cookie so that your desired search language is remembered the next time you open the translation view.

Target Language section

Change Target Language button

View and select the languages of terms which appear in the linked terms information.
Customizable Search Criteria

Enter criteria for any additional search fields have been configured by your Term Browser administrator.

By default, no additional search criteria appear in the search form. The criteria in the illustration are displayed only as an example of possible additional search criteria.

The option All includes all values that your Term Browser administrator configured as additional search criteria to the search. You can see these values in the drop-down list.

Changing the Target Languages

The Change button in the Target Languages section enables you to control the display of translations in the Linked Terms column.

To change the target languages, follow these steps:

  1. In the Target Languages section, click the Change button.
  2. In the menu which appears, select or deselect the options in the Language menu.


    Your filter displays a list of English terms.

    The Linked Terms column displays translations in several languages, but you only want to see the German translations.

    • Click Deselect All and select Deutsch.
    The Term Browser saves your selections in a cookie so that your desired target languages are remembered the next time you open the translation view.