Before you use the system, it is important to understand some key concepts in the Acrolinx approach to terminology management.

What is Terminology Lifecycle Management?

The Terminology Lifecycle Management (TLM) component of Acrolinx is a complete terminology solution. Using the sophisticated Natural Language Processing technologies in Acrolinx, TLM supports the discovery, validation, and use of terminology throughout your organization – supporting writers, editors, and translators.

  • Discovery - the core of the discovery process is a configurable high-precision linguistic term extraction engine. This engine can extract terminology from content, which can then be imported and validated in TLM . In addition to the initial discovery process, it is important to continue to monitor content for new terms – the Term Harvesting functionality in Acrolinx monitors content for new terminology and generates reports which you can import into the Terminology Manager for validation.
  • Validation - the browser-based Acrolinx Terminology Manager provides validation and management of terms. In Acrolinx, you can easily model all the information you need to organize your terms – for instance, creating new domains or custom fields. Critical for validation is the ability to find terms –TLM provides powerful and intuitive search and filtering capability. TLM enables you to create links between preferred and deprecated terms and to manage translations of terms, in all the languages you translate into. In addition to validation status, TLM also supports your validation process.
  • Deployment - in order to get real value from this terminology work, the validated terms are made available to the checking components of Acrolinx.

By supporting all these processes, Terminology Lifecycle Management in Acrolinx is a unique solution – providing end-to-end support for consistent terminology throughout your organization.

Acrolinx Terminology Management Tools

The Terminology Manager

Manage your terms and terminology data with the Terminology Manager. Learn how to search and filter in your Terminology and create new terms.

Terminology Manager

The Term Browser

The Term Browser is a companion to the Acrolinx Terminology Manager. It's a reference tool for anyone who needs quick access to information in the terminology database.

Term Browser

Term Contributor

The Term Contributor is for users who may not have access to the Terminology Manager but need an efficient way to submit new terms to the terminology database.

Term Contributor

Term Transfer Tool

The Term Transfer Tool is a simple standalone tool that you can use to import terms, export terms, and to create or restore terminology database backups.

Term Transfer Tool

Terminology Tab

Writers can use the Terminology Tab to discover terms, review them, and potentially add them to your terminology, all from the Sidebar.

Terminology Tab