Create an API Token

Any user can create an API token for themselves from the Dashboard. If you have the right privilege, you can also create API tokens for other users. By default, only a super administrator can create API tokens for other users.

You can use an API token for authentication. This method of authentication makes it possible to skip the browser-based sign-in process, and to run checks on your content without touching a browser or editor software.

For example, let's imagine you want to set up Acrolinx as an automated checking process that regularly runs on all your content. In this case, you wouldn't want user interaction in a browser or other software before the check can run. Instead, you'll need to use an API token.

To get an API token for a user account, follow these steps:

  1. Sign in to the Dashboard.
  2. To create a token for yourself:
    Go to Settings. This takes you to the User Settings page for your user account.

    To create a token for another user (this requires the privilege to create API tokens for other users):

    Go to Users, search for the specific user, and click on their name. This takes you to the User Administration page for that user.
  3. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and click CREATE API TOKEN. The API token will appear in the box to the right.

You can copy this API token, and use it wherever you need. As soon as you leave the User Settings or User Administration page, the API token will disappear from the display. If you generate a new API token, any existing token will be invalidated. This means that as soon as you generate an API token, you should save it somewhere secure (like a password manager) so that you can access it again, especially if you're planning to use it more than once.

An API token created from the Dashboard is valid for 4 years from the time it's generated, even if the user's password changes in the meantime.