Secure Access to Scorecards

You can secure access to your organization's Scorecards by limiting who can view them.

You have three global options for Scorecard access:

Public - Scorecards are visible to anyone who has the Scorecard URL. 

Limited - Scorecards are visible to all Acrolinx users in your organization. 

Personal - Scorecards are only visible to the Acrolinx user who created them.

Scorecard access is set to Personal by default.

If your Scorecard access is Personal or Limited, then you'll need to sign in to Acrolinx to view a Scorecard if you’re not signed-in already.

If you're using confidential checking, then the Scorecards for confidential checks are available for 15 minutes. After that, Acrolinx deletes them.

To change your Scorecard access, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Users > Privacy
  2. Under Scorecard Access, select Public, Limited, or Personal.
If you want to use Anonymous checking, remember that you can’t choose the combination ‘personal’ and ‘anonymous checking’. We need to know who owns the Scorecard to limit access to that person only.