Configure Scorecard Storage

Remove Old Scorecards from the Reporting Database

Acrolinx stores your Scorecards in the reporting database. To stop your reporting database from overflowing, Acrolinx automatically removes older Scorecards. By default, every night at 2 am, local time, Acrolinx removes any Scorecards that are older than 7 days.

You can configure when and how often Acrolinx removes old Scorecards, and how old the Scorecards should be.


scorecardPurging.minAgeInDays=7: Remove Scorecards older than this many days.

scorecardPurging.cron.schedule=0 0 2 * * ?: Use a quartz cron expression to set how often and when Acrolinx should remove old Scorecards.

scorecardPurging.cron.timeZone={local time zone or UTC}: Set the time zone for the scheduled Scorecard removal job.