The Guidance Wizard

The guidance wizard takes you through the process of fine-tuning your guidance. You can fine-tune how your guidelines work and add words to your terminology database or spelling exception list.

The guidance wizard works best when your writers have already been using Acrolinx for a while. Before you get started, you might want to get an idea of the kind of issues Acrolinx keeps finding in your content. For example, some teams get started quickly by rolling out Acrolinx with a standard set of guidelines. After a while, you get an idea of the issues that Acrolinx found. These issues could be genuine quality issues, or they could relate to guidelines that aren't compatible with the company style. You can then decide to disable or fine-tune the incompatible guidelines.

Let's take a closer look at how the guidance wizard works:

Have You Checked Enough Content?

If you sign in to the Dashboard, you'll find the guidance wizard in the Guidance Settings section.

First off, Acrolinx will tell you if it has enough information to help you. If your team hasn't used Acrolinx much, the guidance wizard won't be helpful. You need to check a decent volume of content so that Acrolinx is familiar with your content and can help you fine-tune your guidance.

We recommend that your writers check at least 1,000 words in total (about 4 pages of content), but you can get started as soon as Acrolinx has collected one or more content issues.

Click START or CONTINUE to go to the next step.

Choose What Type of Guidance to Work On

Let's assume that you've checked enough content. The next step is to choose what to work on. You can update your guidelines or you can update your word guidance. 

Choose one of the two options:

  • Fine-tune your word guidance. Use this for guidelines that you have about specific words. You can specify how to spell them, when to use them, and when not to use them. You can submit unrecognized words to your terminology database, or add them as permanent spelling exceptions.
  • Fine-tune your guidelines. Select which writing guide or Target you want to work on.