Sentence Length

Although most Acrolinx guidelines highlight issues in small fragments of text, Acrolinx can also find larger structural issues. Structural issues could be the number of words in a sentence or the number of sentences in a paragraph. These kinds of issues can make your content difficult to read and to translate.

These guidelines are configured with a default limit that you can change in the language configuration file. You can also change the short text that describes each guideline.

Configuring the Maximum Length for the Sentence Too Long Guideline

The 'sentence too long' guideline highlights sentences that contain too many words and is included in the standard set of Acrolinx style guidelines. The 'sentence too long' guideline highlights sentences that contain more than the default maximum of 25 words. However, you can also configure a different maximum number of words when checking with specific writing guides.

To configure the maximum length for the 'sentence too long' guideline, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Guidance Settings Guidelines.
  2. Select a writing guide from the Writing Guide list.
  3. In the section Configure Guidelines That Have Special Settings, click the name of the 'sentence too long' parameter STLLength.
  4. In the Change Parameter dialog box, enter a new maximum word length and click OK.
  5. On the Guidelines page, click Save.
    Your changes take effect immediately.