You can use the Guidelines section in the Dashboard to configure how your style and grammar guidelines work. You can also change guideline behavior by editing the language configuration file. However, you can perform most guideline configuration tasks in the Dashboard, which is the preferred way to configure guidelines.
Here is how you do it in the Dashboard:

Enable and Disable

You can easily enable or disable style and grammar in the Dashboard. By default, all guidelines are enabled.

Enable and Disable Guidelines


Context-specific guidelines are guidelines that only apply in certain contexts such as titles or lists. 

Context-Specific Guidelines

Sentence Length

The 'sentence too long' guideline is set maximum of 25 words by default. You can also configure a different maximum number of words.

Sentence Length

Whenever you change a guideline in the Dashboard, Acrolinx saves your changes to a guideline configuration file. A guideline configuration file is an XML file that stores the configurations for each combination of language and Writing Guide. You don’t need to change these files but it’s important to know where they are stored when upgrading or moving your Acrolinx installation. Acrolinx stores guideline configuration files in the following location:


To ensure that your settings are retained when upgrading your Guidance Package, the uninstaller doesn't remove the guideline configuration files when uninstalling Acrolinx.