Create and Configure Checking Profiles

Checking Profile Structure

The settings in a Checking Profile are broken down into different sections. There are basic settings and settings that affect checking behavior. The settings that affect checking behavior are split into guidance settings and check settings.

  • Basic settings

    These settings include the Checking Profile name and the Locked option. You can lock a profile to prevent users from overriding the settings that you’ve configured for them.

  • Guidance Settings

    The guidance settings include the key components of your guidance package such as language, writing guide, and term sets. They also include the extraction settings for your document types.

  • Check Settings

    The check settings define the issue types that users check for and any extra options that are associated with specific issue types. These settings are very similar to the settings that users see on the "Check" tab of an Acrolinx Integration.

Get Started

Not everyone has the privileges to access Checking Profiles. If you plan to administer the Integration settings for your users, ensure that your user account has the role "profile administrator". When you have this role, you can access the Checking Profiles section of the Dashboard.

Set Up a Checking Profile

Guidance Settings

Editing the language and Writing Guide. The language and Writing Guide are the most essential settings in a Checking Profile. Usually, you won’t need to change these settings, but there might be some circumstances where you have to update the language or writing guide.

Guidance Settings

Check Settings

You can create Checking Profiles that have different combinations of check settings for different user groups. When users start their Integration, their check settings match that settings that you’ve defined in their Checking Profiles.

Check Settings


Once you’ve assigned a few Checking Profiles to different user groups, you can start to optimize your assignments. You can try out different types of selectors to see what works best and arrange your assignments by priority.

Checking Profile Assignments

Extraction Settings (Classic)

Careful! This article is only relevant if you still use a Classic Integration. For all Sidebar editions, you configure extraction settings in Content Profiles directly in the Acrolinx Dashboard.

Extraction Settings


Once you have set up your Checking Profiles, you might want to review your changes and confirm that they’ll work as you intended. The Checking Profiles section contains several tools that you can use to review your changes.

Review Changes to Checking Profile Settings