So, What Is Findability Anyway?

Simply put, findability looks at how people get to your content and how easy it’s to find. No matter if you create marketing collateral, support content, technical documentation, or any other kind of content, you want to make it as easy as possible for your customers to find. That means it's got to rank well for search. SEO companies have many techniques to help you rank higher search engines and beat your competitors, but the goal of findability is a little different. Findability focuses on how people search for information and how to help people find that information.

How Acrolinx Can Help

Acrolinx helps you optimize your content so that it's on-brand and on-target. On top of that, Acrolinx Findability helps you ensure that your content is easy to find when people enter relevant keywords in a search engine. We call these relevant keywords target keywords, because you want to make sure that your content shows up for those keywords. You can also use Acrolinx to find out what keywords frequently show up in your content — we call these discovered keywords. For each piece of content, Acrolinx shows you discovered and target keywords and tells you what keywords are on-target. You can also review your target keywords and see which ones are missing from your content.

When Acrolinx Findability is enabled by an administrator, you'll see a  Findability tab in the Acrolinx Sidebar. Find out how to Set Up Findability.

Target Keywords

Before you check your content for findability, you need to identify your target keywords. There are different ways you can identify target keywords for your content.

Identify Target Keywords

Enter Your Keywords

 After you've identified your target keywords, you can enter them in the Acrolinx Sidebar.

Enter Keywords

Check Your Content

Acrolinx can tell you what keywords a search engine would probably prioritize. You can then see how many of your discovered keywords match up with your target keywords.

Check Content for Findability