Supported Input Types


Acrolinx supports many standard input types. The Acrolinx Platform comes with a default mapping file of input types to common file extensions. If Acrolinx doesn't recognize the file input type of your content, you may need to Configure Acrolinx to Recognize Your File Type.

Acrolinx supports the following input types:

Input TypeFile Type / Extension
HTML*.html, *.htm, *.xhtm, *.xhtml
XML and DITA*.xml. *.dita
GitHub Markdown*.md
Java Code Comments - Standard*.java

Acrolinx only checks code comments in Java files.

Java Code Comments - Javadoc Style*.java

Acrolinx only checks code comments in Java files.

C++ Code Comments - Standard*.cpp, *.h
Microsoft Word documents*.docx, *.docm
Microsoft PowerPoint documents*.pptx


Check the table below to see which file input types Acrolinx integrations support. 

IntegrationTextHTMLXML and DITAGitHub MarkdownJSONPropertiesJava Code CommentsJava Code Comments JavaDoc StyleC++ Code CommentsMicrosoft Word documentsMicrosoft PowerPoint documentsPDFYAML
Desktop Checker

Visual Studio Code

Command Line Interface (CLI)
Content Analyzer 2019
Content Analyzer


Oxygen XML Author & Editor

Oxygen Web Author


Adobe FrameMaker


MadCap Flare

What If You Use Other File Types?

No problem! Depending on your format, you can preprocess your content so Acrolinx can read it.

For Example, reStructuredText is a file format for textual data. It's used primarily in the Python programming language community for technical documentation. 

Acrolinx can’t read reStructuredText (ReSt) (*.rst) files directly.

Solution: You can preprocess the ReSt formats and send the content to Acrolinx as HTML.

Acrolinx reads some formats directly HTML, XML, TEXT.

At the moment, we'd recommend using the Command Line Interface or the API directly. You could preprocess the RST files by converting them to a file type like XML. 

Product and development teams use Acrolinx in their continuous integration processes. Developers run the Command Line Interface manually. They can also automate Acrolinx checking as a build job. Acrolinx analyzes the content during the build and returns links to Scorecards for each document. Content contributors get a notification, open the links to Scorecards, and use the feedback to correct their content.