Core Platform Compatibility

Web Browsers

Internet Explorer 11.x
Microsoft Edge (EdgeHTML 14)
Mozilla Firefox 68 or later
Google Chrome 76 or later
Safari 12

Operating Systems

* We recommend using Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (x64) for the best performance and security.

Operating System




Red Hat Enterprise Linux (x64)76 and 7
Microsoft Windows Server
2012 R2 64-bit and 2016 64-bit Windows OS - Service packs aren’t explicitly listed. Acrolinx supports service packs and minor versions.


The Acrolinx Core Platform works with the following version of Java.

* We recommend using OpenJDK for the best performance and security.

Java VMRecommended*Supported
OpenJDK 8 64-bit
Oracle Java Development Kit (JDK) 8 64-bit


Acrolinx Terminology and Reporting work with the following databases.

* Recommended - These options provide the best solution for performance and security, and are future proof. 
We suggest using PostgreSQL if you’re able to use open-source software and Oracle otherwise.

Database FormatRecommendedSupportedNotes
Oracle*12.211.2** and 12.2

** The only exception is the RAC option, which isn’t supported.

PostgreSQL*109.5 and 10
H2/Apache Derby
Limited SupportThe latest supported version of this database is installed with Acrolinx for testing and demonstration purposes. However, this database isn’t suitable for storing large volumes of data in a production environment.
Microsoft SQL Server (single database)
2014 64-bit and 2016 64-bit
MySQL Community Edition
5.7.xThe terminology and reporting databases require a case-insensitive UTF-8 collation. You can’t add terms that contain four-byte UTF-8 characters. This restriction is usually no issue because the UTF-8 characters in most languages require a maximum of three bytes.