Core Platform Compatibility

This release is for Acrolinx Private Cloud and Standard Stack. For the latest releases, see our Acrolinx Core Platform Releases.

Web Browsers

Supported web browsers for access to the Dashboard and Term Browser.

Internet Explorer 11.x
Microsoft Edge (EdgeHTML 14)
Mozilla Firefox 68 or later
Google Chrome 76 or later
Safari 12


Standard Stack

If the Acrolinx Private Cloud isn't an option for you, this is the combination of software that we support for Acrolinx installations.

It's tested, supported, and works best in production.

If you run Acrolinx on a combination of these technologies, you can use the "Standard Stack" releases of the Core Platform. We release for the Standard Stack more frequently than for other on-premise technologies.

Standard StackRecommendedSupported
Operating System

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6&7 (x64)

76 and 7
JavaOpenJDK 8 64-bit
DatabasesOracle12.211.2** and 12.2
** The only exception is the RAC option, which isn’t supported.

Right now we don’t support Oracle 19c. But we're working on expanding our support to 19c. We aim to support 19c some time in 2020.

PostgreSQL9.69.6 and 10