User Data Administration

User data includes the standard information about each user such as username and full name as well as any additional information you might have collected. Acrolinx includes several features that you can use to maintain the quality of your user data. For example, you can configure Acrolinx to filter out data from built-in users and test users in reports. You can also configure Acrolinx so that specific users are prompted to resubmit their additional information the next time that they connect to the Core Platform. If information privacy is a concern, you can also configure Acrolinx to keep all user data anonymous.

Configuring Users Who Should Be Ignored in Reports

In some circumstances, you might want to filter out data from specific users from your reports. These users could be automated processes that run routine checks every night, or test users who only check sample documents. For example, suppose that you’re interested in the typical checking behavior of all technical writers in your organization. In this case, you probably don’t want to have your data skewed by usernames that don’t represent a technical writer. You can use the Ignore Users page to filter out data from specific usernames.

To configure users who should be ignored in reports, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Analytics Administration Ignored Users.
  2. Select the users to ignore.
    • To ignore a standard user, edit the search field, type the first few letters of the username and select a matching username from the autocomplete dropdown.
    • To ignore all built-in users, click Ignore All Built-in Users.

      Built-in users are users that come installed with the Core Platform. You can find out more about these users in Managing User Roles and Privileges.

    Your changes take effect immediately. The users are added to the Ignored Users list and are excluded from all new reports.

    To remove users, select the users in the Ignored Users list and click Remove User.

Prompting Users to Resubmit Their Custom User Information

You can configure the Core Platform so that the Acrolinx prompts users to resubmit their custom user information before they can run a check. You might have some users resubmit their additional information if you suspect that information is incorrect or out of date. Additionally, suppose that you split a department into two separate departments. You can configure Acrolinx so that users in the former department must resubmit their additional information and update their department details.

To prompt users to resubmit their custom user information, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to the Users page.
  2. Select the users who should resubmit their custom user information.
  3. Click Reset User Information.

    The next time that the selected users start an integration and connect to Acrolinx, they’re prompted to resubmit their custom user information.