Trends Dashboard

Is Your Content on Course?

Watch how your content develops over time. At the top of the dashboard, you can see the average Acrolinx Score. This is the average Score across your documents at the last check.

To open the Trends dashboard, go to Analytics in the Acrolinx Dashboard. You'll find Trends under Impact.

Let's take a look at the two charts to get further insights into how Acrolinx has helped you to improve your content.

Chart TitleDescription
Average Acrolinx ScoreView how the average Acrolinx Score develops over time.
Average Category ScoresThis shows you the Acrolinx Score for each category. You can keep tabs on how the categories develop over time.

In the upper right corner of the dashboard, you’ll find the section Detail Links. A detail link opens a detailed web report table. With these web reports you can easily filter, export, and print out the content.

Detail LinksDescription
Status DetailsWhat's the status of each Content Group? See the average Acrolinx Score, the number of checked documents and more details in one table.
Category ScoresSee all category scores by time period and watch the development over time. 
For example, you can see how the score for spelling develops over time by adding a category filter and a filter for Spelling. Visit our Dashboard Tutorial if you don't know how to set a filter.