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If Acrolinx discovers terms in your content that aren't yet in your terminology, they’ll show up here. Acrolinx reviews a document or set of documents, reporting on the terms that are used along with their frequency and variations. The Term Discovery dashboard lets you quickly see which terms your writers use and how. Acrolinx automatically filters out duplicate terms or variants that you would otherwise have to validate manually. You can also export your discovered terms to add them to your terminology database.

To open the Term Discovery dashboard, go to Analytics in the Acrolinx Dashboard. You'll find Term Discovery under Guidance.

Chart TitleDescription
Discovered TermsSee which terms Acrolinx has discovered. The list is ordered by occurrences, starting with the most frequent terms.
Term VariationsSee similar terms grouped together. This might help you to spot inconsistencies.
Term ContextSee in which context the terms appear. If you click on a discovered term in the table above, this table shows only the context of the specific term you’ve selected. Clear all filters to see the context of all terms.

At the upper right corner of the dashboard, you’ll find the section Detail Links. A detail link opens a detailed web report in a table. These web reports are quite handy, since you can easily filter, export, and print the content.

Detail LinkDescription
Discovered Terms TableView the terms that Acrolinx discovered. This table shows the 2,500 most frequent groups of term variation.

You can also export these terms to add them to your terminology database. To do so follow the instructions in Add Discovered Terms to Your Terminology Database.

Contexts (Extract)Get an overview of the three most common contexts per term, ordered alphabetically.
Contexts (All)See all contexts per term, ordered alphabetically.