Integration Tracking Dashboard

Get an Overview of the Integrations Used by Your Team.

ee who in your team used which integration and which version. With this dashboard, you can check whether any of your team members need Acrolinx Integration updates.

To open the Integration Tracking dashboard, go to Analytics in the Acrolinx Dashboard. You'll find Integration Tracking under Health.

Let's take a closer look at the dashboard:

Chart TitleDescription
Usage Overview

See how often your team members use which Acrolinx Integrations.

You can define the time range using the on-screen filter on the dashboard.

Integration DetailsCheck if all members of your team use the latest integration. Here you can see who used which integration version and when a version was used the last time.

At the upper right corner of the dashboard, you’ll find the section Detail Links. A detail link opens a detailed web report in a table. These web reports are quite handy, since you can easily filter, export, and print the content.

Detail LinkDescription
Checks by IntegrationSee how many checks were performed with a particular integration and how many members of your team use it.