Findability Dashboard

Determine Keyword Usage Across Your Content.

With the Findability dashboard, you can view the keywords Acrolinx spotted in your content. Find out in which document a keyword is used and how often, without having to check each document individually. You can see quickly which keywords are most used in each Content Group and their prominence.

To open the Findability dashboard, go to Analytics in the Acrolinx Dashboard. You'll find Findability under Guidance.

Let's take a closer look at the dashboard:

Chart TitleDescription
Discovered KeywordsGet a quick overview of the top keywords across your content.
Discovered Keywords SummaryView the keyword count per document, keyword frequency per word, and the prominence of the keywords.
Discovered Keywords DetailsUnderstand in which documents a keyword is used. If you click on a keyword in the two charts above, this table shows only the context of the specific keyword you’ve selected. Clear all filters to see the document details for all keywords.

At the upper right corner of the dashboard, you’ll find the section Detail Links. A detail link opens a detailed web report in a table. These web reports are quite handy, since you can easily filter, export, and print the content.

Detail LinksDescription
Target KeywordsSee which documents feature your target keywords well. If you've defined target keywords in the Sidebar, you'll find detailed information on them here.