Cost Savings Dashboard

See How the Improved Content Quality Actually Saves You Money.

You calculate your cost savings by looking at how many issues your users found and corrected with Acrolinx. The charts on this dashboard give you insights on your cost savings according to the configurations you've set in Cost Savings Settings. For more information on how to configure this dashboard see the article Configuring the Cost Savings Dashboard.

To open the Cost Savings dashboard, go to Analytics in the Acrolinx Dashboard. You'll find Cost Savings under Impact.

Let's take a closer look at the dashboard:

Chart TitleDescription
Cost SavingsView the calculated cost savings broken down by time.
Cost Savings by CategoryView the calculated cost savings broken down by the cost savings categories you've set in Cost Savings Settings.

At the upper right corner of the dashboard, you’ll find the section Detail Links. A detail link opens a detailed web report in a table. These web reports are quite handy, since you can easily filter, export, and print the content.

Table View

Open a web report to see your cost savings broken down in a table.