Acrolinx Analytics Dashboards


Acrolinx Analytics is a suite of dashboards that is useful to assess performance, pinpoint problems, and optimize your system. You can measure content optimization performance against your goals, and check the frequency of terminology usage and term acceptance.

You might have different types of content and different projects that you check with Acrolinx. Naturally, you would like to analyze these separately. In Analytics, you’re able to create different Content Groups. Content Groups let you create logical collections of your content, so you can then view and compare aggregated metrics by Content Group. You can define your Content Group using one or more criteria, such as department or language. For example, group all the content that's published to your blog and then view how your blog content develops on the Content Alignment or Content Comparison dashboards. For more information on Content Groups and how you set and configure them, see the article Content Groups.

By default Acrolinx provides 15 Analytics dashboards within 5 categories, namely Impact, Analysis, Guidance, Health, and Archives. Each dashboard offers several charts and tables to equip you with a powerful analysis tool. You'll find them under Analytics on your Acrolinx Dashboard. If you want to know how to use the dashboards, visit our Dashboard Tutorial

Click on the dashboard that you're interested in below:

Take a look at the impact your content has on your business. See where you’ve made improvements.



Quality Snapshot

Explore how your content performs across your most important measures. Get a quick view on how your content is aligned.

Content Alignment

Content Comparison

Category Scores

Score Roll-Up

Content Metrics

This is all about terminology! Fine-tune your Guidance based on grammar, style, and terminology issues. Findability helps you to target the keywords that make your online content discoverable. Term Discovery helps you find terms that are in your content but not your terminology.

Guidance Overview


Term Discovery

Like any system, Acrolinx needs to be in action to be fit. Here you can check how often Acrolinx is in action. For good health, we also recommend updating regularly. With the Integration Tracking dashboard, you can track if you need to update an integration.

Checking Activity

Integration Tracking

Looking for your check results from last week? Find past Scorecards and Content Analysis dashboards in the Archives section.

Scorecard Archive

Content Analysis Archive

If you want analysis tools that are shaped according to your specifications, you can create and add custom dashboards.

Custom Dashboards

If you can't see the Analytics dashboards, try to allow the Acrolinx Dashboard in your ad blocker. We won't show you any ads, promise!

There's one exception: Analytics dashboards don't work on Windows 7 with Internet Explorer 11. We recommend using a different browser as an alternative.

If you want analysis tools that are shaped according to your specifications, you can add customized dashboards. For more information and further steps see the article Custom Dashboards.

If you can't see all dashboards in your list, it's because your administrator switched them off. For more information on how to switch off a dashboard, see the article Analytics Server Configuration Properties.