Log Term Searches - Terminology Manager

Term search logging enables administrators to track what terms users search for.

When you enable term search logging Acrolinx creates and updates a log file with information about the conducted term searches in the Terminology Manager or Term Browser. The server stores the log file at the following location:


Terminology administrators can use the information in this log file to review the terms that users frequently search for but don’t exist in the terminology database.

The information in the log file is written in the following format :


The values are tab-separated so the file can be easily imported into Microsoft Excel.

Enabling Term Search Logging

To enable term search logging, follow these steps:

  1. Open your overlay of the core server properties file.

    You find the overlay for the core server properties file in the following location:

  2. Add the following property:

  3. (Optional) Add the following property: termSearchLog.filterSubstringsOnLogging=true

    This setting filters out partially entered terms that were entered with in a 3-minute time frame.

    For example, partially entered terms might be logged if a user attempts to search for the term "extension cable" and starts to type the text "extens". If the autocomplete menu reports that the search term "extens" was not found before the user has finished typing the entire term, the search term "extens" is logged as well as the final search term "extension cable".

    If you set the property to false the server logs all searches including for partially entered terms. The default value is true.

  4. Save your changes and restart the core server.

Configuring the Term Search Log

You can configure different aspects of the term search log file, such as the log file location or the maximum size of the log file.

To configure the term search log, follow these steps:

  1. Open your overlay of the following file: coreserver.log4j.xml

    If you have not yet created an overlay of this file, create a new version of the file at the following location:


    Do not edit the installed version of the file. Instead, always edit your overlay copy in the configuration directory.

  2. Search for the appender with the name TermSearchFileAppender and update the relevant parameters.

    For example, to change the maximum file size of the log file to 100 MB, update the MaxFileSize parameter as follows:

    <param name="MaxFileSize" value="100MB"/>
  3. Save your changes and restart the core server.
  4. Test your changes.

    Search for some terms and see if they show up in the term search log.

    You can find this log file at the following location: