Configuring Term Discovery Behavior

Configure Who Can Discover Terms

Acrolinx can discover new terms in your content that you might want to add to your terminology. These discovered terms appear in a number of places:

You can configure the following:

  • Who can discover terms
  • Who can contribute terms
  • For integrations that use the Classic API
    Whether writers can turn Term Discovery on or off using the New Terms check setting

Who Can Discover and Contribute Terms?

To discover terms, a writer needs the privilege Discover Terms.

To contribute terms, a writer needs the privilege Contribute Terms.

Other Term Discovery Configurations

Enable Term Discovery

Especially for Core Platform versions earlier than 2019.03, you might need to enable Term Discovery with a configuration property.

To enable Term Discovery, follow these steps:

  1. Open your overlay of the relevant language configuration file.

    If you haven’t yet created an overlay of this file, create a new version of the file at the following location:


  2. Add or edit the following property:

    <WRITING GUIDE>.termharvesting.onlyServerSide=false
  3. Save your changes and reload the language configuration on the relevant language server.
 If Your Integration Uses the Classic API...

Setting <WRITING GUIDE>.termharvesting.onlyServerSide=false works differently for integrations that use the Classic API.

Instead of turning on Term Discovery for all writers who have the Discover Terms privilege, these writers can select the New Terms option in the checking options.

If a writer runs a check with the New Terms option selected:

  • Discovered terms are marked in the document and included in the Scorecard.
  • Discovered terms are sent to the Term Discovery dashboard.

If a writer runs a check without the New Terms option selected, discovered terms aren’t included in the Scorecard or the Term Discovery dashboard.

Writing Guide Configuration

Term Discovery only works in Writing Guides that are configured for Term Discovery. To run Term Discovery, a Writing Guide needs to contain the following property:

<WRITING GUIDE>.harvestingRules=rules/<LANGUAGE_ID>-harvesting

Additionally, a Term Discovery guideline file (indicated by the extension *.thrul) must exist in the directory %ACROLINX_CONFIGURATION_ROOT%\data\<LANG_ID>\rules

The Acrolinx linguistic team normally configures Writing Guides for Term Discovery when your guidance package is created.