Set Up Findability

Technical Overview

The Acrolinx Findability feature helps your writers ensure that their content is easy to find when people enter relevant keywords in a search engine. When Acrolinx Findability is enabled, writers see a  Findability tab Findability tab in the Acrolinx Sidebar. 

When writers work with Acrolinx Findability, they can define target keywords for each document. These keywords are saved to an H2 database at the following location:


Acrolinx Findability is enabled by default so Acrolinx checks for findability every time you run a check. Acrolinx Findability isn’t a checking option so you can't disable it from the Sidebar. However, you can update your core server properties to disable it.

Enabling and Disabling Findability

  1. Open your overlay of the core server properties file.

    You find the overlay for the core server properties file in the following location:

  2. Add the following property:

  3. Save your changes and restart the core server.

Configuration Settings Reference

Settings in the core server properties :


acrolinx (default)


off = turn findability off.

acrolinx = turn on findability and use the Acrolinx Findability database to store target keywords.

Settings in the language configuration:

These settings are ignored if the property keywordInformationService.connector in the is off.
Valuestrue (default)



Turn findability on or off for a given language.

This should only be set to false in exceptional cases. The recommended way to disable findability is in the core server properties.
Values(file name relative to the language directory)

Define the name of the .kwrul file that contains the keyword discovery rules. Acrolinx predefines this property when creating your guidance package.

If this property is empty, Acrolinx won't discover any keywords.

Valuestrue (default)


DescriptionDefine which words are considered occurrences of a keyword.

false = find case and hyphenation variants of keywords only.

For example, "Computer" as an occurrence of keyword "computer" and "self made" as occurrence of "self-made."

true = additionally find inflections of keywords.

For example, treat "computers" as an occurrence of the keyword "computer". Acrolinx uses a morphology to analyze and generate inflections.