Embed Check Data for Sidebar Integrations

Why Embed Check Data?

To get insight into the quality of a piece of content, writers and managers might like to see the Acrolinx Score with a link to the Scorecard directly in the content management system (CMS). If your Acrolinx administrator enables Embed Check Data, then your CMS administrator can show the metadata for each document. You can get an overview of the quality of all content in a glance and even use this information to make business decisions such as readiness for publishing or translation.

Embed Check Data

Acrolinx embeds the check data after you run a check on the whole document.
The following example shows typical check data. Typical check data includes the Acrolinx Score, the Scorecard URL, the time that the check started and the checking status. The values are identical to the information in the Acrolinx Scorecard.

acrolinxCheckData score="82"

Your documentation environment tracks the status of the document throughout its life cycle.

To use Embed Check Data, make sure that you've configured your content management system correctly. If you're not sure, ask your CMS administrator.

To enable Embed Check Data, follow these steps:

  1. Open your overlay of the core server properties file.

    You'll find the overlay for the core server properties file in the following location:


  2. Add the following property:

  3. Save your changes and restart the core server.