Customize Terminology Information in the Sidebar

If you've entered a lot of supplementary information for your terms, you can display that information in the sidebar. This can help writers use the term correctly without having to open the full term help. For example, you could add a note on how to use the term correctly.

To configure the term help in the sidebar, follow these steps:

  1. Open your overlay of the following file: term_guidance.vm 

    If you don't yet have an overlay of this file, create a new version of the file at the following location:

    Always edit your overlay copy in the configuration directory rather than the installed version of the file.

    You can use the following sample code to get started.

    <div class="guidance term">
    ##	$surface
    ##	<br/>
    ##	$status

    This configuration will display the status, domains, definition, and note for each term that shows up as a terminology issue.
    Edit the code and add any other desired variables.

    For example, most people want to add the contents of custom fields that they've created. You add a custom field with the following variable:


    Replace <FIELD_NAME> with the name of the required field — like this: $customFields.usage_guide.

    If needed, surround the variable with any extra HTML formatting like line breaks or bold tags.

    For more detailed information on variables for term help, see the section Term Help Page.  The variables that you use for the term help file are the same variables that you can use for the term help in the sidebar.

  2. Save your changes.
    You'll see your changes the next time you run a check.