Configure Time Intervals for the AutoCheck Feature

The AutoCheck feature is available for Acrolinx plug-ins in the sidebar edition. AutoCheck is disabled by default, but when you enable it, writers see an extra "AutoCheck" option in the sidebar. When a writer turns on AutoCheck, Acrolinx checks the active document at regular intervals. AutoCheck runs when a writer has a document open and hasn't interacted with the sidebar for a certain period of time, and keeps running until the writer interacts with the sidebar. You can enable AutoCheck and configure how often AutoCheck runs in the core server properties.

You configure AutoCheck with the following parameters:

DescriptionEnable or disable AutoCheck.
Default15 seconds
DescriptionThe minimum amount of time to wait between two automatic checks

For example, you could configure this property that automatic checks should happen every 30 seconds at a minimum.

DescriptionMultiplier for time to wait after text extraction

This multiplier is designed to extend the AutoCheck time interval for large documents.

For large documents, it can take a while for Acrolinx to extract the text. For example, suppose that it takes 20 seconds. By the time the text is extracted, the next AutoCheck would be due to run again, which causes Acrolinx to extract the text again in an infinite loop.

The multiplier is designed to prevent this situation.

For example, if suppose that takes 16 seconds to extract the text from your document and you keep the default multiplier of 15. Acrolinx will wait for 4 minutes before running the next AutoCheck.

Heres how we get to 4 minutes:

16 seconds (extraction time) * 15 (multiplier) = 240 seconds (240 / 60 = 4 minutes)

Note that the property client.checkFromTimeToTimeMinIntervalInS overrides this setting. If the calculated wait time is lower than the minimum time interval, the minimum time interval is used instead.

Default10 seconds
DescriptionThe time to wait after any interaction with the sidebar is detected

For example, you might scroll down the list of cards or change tabs. In this case, Acrolinx would wait for 10 more seconds of sidebar inactivity before starting an automatic check.

To configure time intervals for the "AutoCheck" feature, follow these steps:

  1. Open your overlay of the core server properties file.

    You find the overlay for the core server properties file in the following location:


  2. Add the following properties:


    For example, you could raise all the default values like this:

  3. Save your changes and restart the core server.
  4. Ensure that users reopen their plug-ins to receive the new setting.

    The new time settings will apply for any writer who turns on AutoCheck in the sidebar.