Configure Term Contribution from the Acrolinx Scorecard

By default, users can click a new term in the Acrolinx Scorecard to open the term contribution form. When the form opens, the term and context fields are automatically filled out.

The function makes it easier for your users to contribute terms. You can change this behavior in the core server properties file.

To configure term contribution from the Scorecard, follow these steps:

  1. Open your overlay of the core server properties file.

    You find the overlay for the core server properties file in the following location:


  2. Add the following property: 


    If this property is not present, the default value is true.

  3. If you have added a context field to your term contribution template, add the property


    For example, if your terminology database field stores context information in a field called sampleUsage, add the following property:


    If this property is not present, the default value is context .

    This property ensures that context information can be transferred from the Scorecard to the term contribution form. Context information helps users understand the contexts in which they can use a term.

  4. Save your changes and restart the core server.