Paragraph Length

Configuring the Maximum Number of Sentences in a Paragraph

The 'paragraph too long' guideline flags paragraphs that contain too many sentences and is included in some sets of style guidelines such as Simplified Technical English (STE). The 'paragraph too long' guideline flags sentences that contain more than the default maximum of 6 sentences. However, you can also configure a different maximum number of sentences when users check with specific writing guides.

To configure the maximum number of sentences in a paragraph, follow these steps:

  1. Open your overlay of the relevant language configuration file.

    If you have not yet created an overlay of this file, create a new version of the file at the following location:


    If this location does not yet exist, create the required subdirectories first.

  2. Add the following property: 


    For example, to restrict the maximum number of sentences in a paragraph to 4 sentences when users check with the writing guide "techpubs", add the property as follows:


    If the writing guide contains a space, make sure to add a backslash before the space:


    You can also define this property for all writing guides by entering the property without the writing guide prefix as in the following example: structuralChecker.paragraphTooLong.maxLength=4

    For this guideline to work, the "Structural Checker" component must be enabled. If you see the line "structuralChecker.enabled=false " in your language configuration, change the value to " true".

  3. Save your changes and reload the language configuration on the relevant language servers.