Configure Acrolinx Scoring Strategy

You can configure how Acrolinx calculates your score with the acrolinxScore.strategy property in your

To edit from the Dashboard, go to Maintenance > Configuration Properties, then follow the folder structure config > server > bin and click on the file You can then edit the properties directly from the Dashboard.

Alternatively, you can edit from the configuration directory: %ACROLINX_CONFIGURATION_ROOT%\server\bin\

You currently have two options for your scoring strategy.

  • acrolinxScore.strategy=average
    This is the default strategy. Your Acrolinx Score is the average of your category scores. This gives you a sense of your overall content quality.
  • acrolinxScore.strategy=minimum
    Your Acrolinx Score is equal to the lowest category score. This lets you take a conservative approach, where a low category score can't hide behind high scores in other categories.