Secure End-User Communication with Acrolinx

If you use Standard Stack, it’s a good idea to secure end-user communication with Acrolinx. When you configure the Transport Layer Security (TLS) certificate in the ingress, your Acrolinx users can reach the platform UI via the secured transport layer protocol HTTPS.

Generate TLS Key and Certificate

Before you get started, you’ll need a TLS key and certificate.

Check out the Kubernetes documentation to make sure that your certificate is in the right format.

Serve Dashboard Through HTTPS

To serve the Dashboard through HTTPS via certificate and ingress, do the following:

  1. Upload the certificate into your cluster.

    kubectl -n acrolinx create secret tls acrolinx-tls-cert --cert=path/to/tls.cert --key=path/to/tls.key
  2. Now, set the platform.spec.ingress.tlsSecretName variable to tell the Core Platform to use the certificate you just added. You’ll need to configure it in the acrolinx.yaml file. See Configure the Acrolinx Operator for more information.

        ### [...]
        platform.spec.ingress.tlsSecretName: "acrolinx-tls-cert"
    After you edit the file, don't forget to apply your changes with kubectl apply -f acrolinx.yaml.