Disable SSL Protocols

For maximum security, you should only use secure SSL protocols. Currently, this means using the TLS protocol version 1.2 or later. In Acrolinx, you can disable individual SSL protocols that are either no longer secure or might be insecure in certain configurations.

When disabling SSL protocols, you should always take a detailed inventory of your currently used integrations. Some older integrations - especially custom integrations - might not work with the new and secure protocols.

To disable SSL protocols, follow these steps:

  1. Open your overlay of the coreserver properties file.

    You find the overlay for the coreserver properties file in the following location:

  2. Add the following property: 


    Enter the SSL protocol names in a comma-separated list. We recommend that you disable all SSL protocols and use only TLS for maximum security. For this setup, you would enter the property as follows:

  3. Save your changes and restart the core server.