Set up Server Notifications

You can use server notifications to inform users about changes to Acrolinx they need to be aware of. Notifications are also a great way to let users know that checking might be affected by server maintenance or planned server outages.

Server notifications are displayed on top of the Home page of the Dashboard.

  • Notifications with the importance Normal are displayed to users once.
  • Notifications with the importance High are displayed every time users log on to the Dashboard. High-importance notifications are also displayed every time users run checks in integrations with the version 2.0 or later.
  • Notifications that have expired or start in the future aren’t displayed.
  • If you select Any Time for the start time, the notification starts straight away.

    If you select Any Time for the end time, the notification expires an hour from the current time.

Users see new notifications when they sign back in to the Dashboard.

To create a server notification, follow these steps:

You need a role with the privilege Edit server notifications.

  1. Sign in to the Dashboard. 

  2. Navigate to Maintenance.
  3. Navigate to Server Notifications.
  4. Click New.
  5. Create a new server notification and click Save.