Download Updated Software

You can download updates to Acrolinx software from the Acrolinx download area. You must have a customer account to access the software.

If you don’t have a customer account, contact your Acrolinx project consultant.

To retrieve updated software from the Acrolinx download area, follow these steps:

  1. Access the Acrolinx download area by using a web browser and the following URL:<CUSTOMER_NAME>/

    <CUSTOMER_NAME> is normally the name of your company written in lowercase without spaces or special characters.

  2. When prompted, enter the password provided to you by your Acrolinx project consultant and click OK. The Acrolinx download area is displayed.

    Note: If your required software updates are missing from your download area, contact your Acrolinx project consultant.
  3. Locate and download the required software package.
    1. Check the version and build information next to each link to ensure that you download the latest version.
    • To download the Acrolinx Core Platform, click the Core Platform link in the Core Platform and Guidance Package section.
    • To download your Acrolinx Guidance Package, click the <COMPANY_NAME> guidance package link in the Server and Guidance Package section.