Maintain the Acrolinx Servers

Maintain the  Acrolinx Server  and troubleshoot server issues with the following tools:

  • Server Notifications - Notify your users that checking might be affected by server maintenance or warn users of any planned server outages.
  • Server Workload Captures - Capture your server workload for a specific time period and create a capture file that can be used for workload analysis.
  • Logs - View recent log file entries directly in the Dashboard and download the full set of server log files to a zip file.
  • Support Packages - Create and download a zip file that contains essential server log files and configuration files that you can send to Acrolinx support.
  • Configuration Properties - Preview the files in your server configuration directory and update your current server properties.
  • Performance Monitoring - Get general and detailed information about the performance of your server computer and Acrolinx installation.