Install Guidance Package on Linux

Installing Guidance Package Files

The guidance package files typically contain settings that are customized according to the style guide for your organization. If you’re upgrading your guidance package, you should back up any settings that you’ve changed.
The Core Platform requires a set of guidance package files to run. These guidance package files include:

  • Modules for certain checking functionalities
  • Configurations for the spelling checker
  • Grammar and style guidelines
  • A terminology database
  • Help files for some error types.

To install the Acrolinx guidance package files, follow these steps:

  1. Unzip the guidance package into the Acrolinx Core Platform directory that was created during installation.

    Your guidance package filename has the following structure: <COMPANY_NAME>V<VERSION_NUMBER>B<BUILD_NUMBER>.zip. For example:

    $ cd <INSTALL_DIR>

    Some guidance package files might already exist in the installation directory because they were created during the Core Platform installation procedure. If you’re prompted to overwrite existing files, enter A for all.

  2. Run the installer script with the prepling option to prepare the guidance package for use on a Unix-based operating system.

    You use this option to correct any paths that might only work on Windows installations.

    $ cd <INSTALL_DIR>
    $ bash ./ -prepling