Starting and Stopping the Acrolinx Server

You may need to stop or restart an Acrolinx server under the following circumstances:

  • After you change a configuration file
  • To terminate a user checking process
  • To perform maintenance on a language server

Restarting and Stopping the Acrolinx Server from the Dashboard

If Acrolinx is already running, the easiest way to stop or restart your servers is from the Acrolinx Dashboard.

You can perform a normal restart on all servers or stop all servers simultaneously from the Servers page of the Dashboard.

You can restart or stop an individual server from the Server Details page. You can reach the Server Details page by clicking the name of the relevant server in the server submenu of the Dashboard.

  • If there are check requests running when you attempt to stop or restart a server, the Dashboard prompts you if you would like to cancel the requests and restart immediately or wait until the requests have finished before restarting.
  • If you use the Stop Server button to stop a server through the Dashboard, you must start the server as a service to use the server again.
  • If you restart a server five times in a row and you attempt each restart within 300 seconds of the previous restart, the server shuts down completely and you must start the server manually.

There are other ways to start and stop your Acrolinx servers, depending on your operating system.

Starting and Stopping Acrolinx in Windows

Starting and Stopping Acrolinx on Unix-based Operating Systems