Guidance Package Release Notes

When you first start working with Acrolinx, you'll receive a guidance package from us. Your guidance package includes standard writing guidance, but customizations are always available if you need them. After we've set up your guidance, you can still change how it works via the Acrolinx Dashboard. You can also change advanced settings in configuration files.

Here, you'll find the most important changes and updates to the guidance package. Want to update your guidance package? Contact Acrolinx Support to get started.

2021 Releases

Accessibility Guidelines

Looking to make your content more accessible to screen reader users? We've expanded our Inclusive Language guidelines to include new guidelines for accessibility.

The guidelines will help you add and optimize alt text, and Acrolinx will let you know if certain aspects of your formatting are unclear. Read more about our accessibility guidelines in the goal Inclusive Language.

Added Support for Issue 8

We’re happy to announce that we support the newly released Issue 8 of ASD-STE100. You can check ASD-STE Simplified Technical English (STE) Issue 8 if you've enabled Targets or if you still use Guidance Profiles. 

In the Targets section, you can now choose Issue 8 and Issue 8 + from your STE presets. Reach out to your Acrolinx contact for a separate Writing Guide if you haven't enabled Targets yet.

More Sophisticated Article and Word Confusion Guidelines

Good news! If you're a Cloud customer, Acrolinx now has more sophisticated article and word confusion guidelines for English. You can use these by default in Targets mode only.

The refined guidelines will help your writers with commonly confused words like "affect" or "effect" and "than" or "then". Acrolinx will also let you know if it looks like a sentence is missing an article.

Dynamic Consistency Guidelines

Acrolinx can now check for stylistic inconsistencies. For example, Acrolinx can identify where you used the serial comma and where you didn't in your content. Acrolinx also finds inconsistencies with things like hyphenation. You'll find these guidelines in our new goal Consistency.

German Guidelines

Some German consistency guidelines only offer you non-clickable suggestions due to technical limitations. So, Acrolinx will highlight the issue but won't insert a suggestion. If you use the Sidebar, you can still see the guideline and make the necessary changes manually.