Acrolinx Release Notes (Including Subsequent Service Releases)

Version 2021.09 (13 September 2021) Acrolinx Private Cloud and Standard Stack


Time to say goodbye to summer. But not without our September release. Read on for some improvements and bug fixes.


Standard Stack: Configuration Properties Page Available for Built-In Admin

As a Standard Stack user, you might've missed the Configuration Properties page in the Dashboard. We heard you! The Configuration Properties page is available for the built-in user admin again. 

Status Message When the Dashboard Is Loaded Through a Reverse Proxy

We don't like it when you have to grope in the dark, especially when we can shine more light onto something. So, we've decided to give you more information. When you load the classic view of the Acrolinx Dashboard through a reverse proxy with single sign-on (SSO), you now get a shiny message about your connection status. It looks like this:

Bug Fixes

Targets: Words and Phrases Color

The Sidebar cards and Analytics shine in every color of the rainbow! These colors help you to identify the goals that your issues relate to. But the Words and Phrases goal was displayed in pink instead of blue. As much as we like pink, it led to some confusion. We've given Words and Phrases a fresh coat of paint. Whether you're looking at your Sidebar or Analytics, you'll see it in a shade of blue. Learn more about the color coding of the Sidebar cards in The Sidebar Card Guide.

But, watch out! For this, you need to have Core Platform version 2021.09 or later and an updated Guidance Package. If you update your Core Platform without updating your Guidance Package, there will be a color mismatch between Analytics and the Sidebar. Contact Support if you need help with getting an updated guidance package.

Targets: Words and Phrases with Contexts

There was an issue where Acrolinx didn't exclude terms in specific contexts from your check. For a small subset of contexts, this meant that Acrolinx highlighted terms in the Words and Phrases goal even though it should've ignored them. We took care of this. Acrolinx will exclude terms based on the configuration of the Target.

All Uppercase Gets Highlighted

We usually don't scream at each other, but you might have other reasons to write in all caps. In rare cases, Acrolinx didn't highlight all-uppercase terms as spelling issues even when there was an actual issue. That's fixed now. ALL GOOD!

Blank Sign-In Page

Sometimes the sign-in page would magically disappear. We thought we'd fixed this with the 2021.07 release, but the blank page issue returned. Spooky! This time, we took proper care of it.

Core Platform Compatibility

Web Browsers

Supported web browsers for access to the Dashboard and Term Browser.

Microsoft Edge (EdgeHTML 14)
Mozilla Firefox 68 or later
Google Chrome 76 or later
Safari 14


Standard Stack

If the Acrolinx Private Cloud isn't an option for you, this is the combination of software that we support for Acrolinx installations. It's tested, supported, and works best in production.

If you run Acrolinx on a combination of these technologies, you can use the Standard Stack releases of the Core Platform.

Acrolinx works best with the software listed in the "Recommended" column, but you can use it with all of the versions listed below.

Standard StackRecommendedSupported
Operating System

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (x64)

Kubernetes DistributionK3s v1.20.7+k3s1 v1.20.7+k3s1

9.6, 10, and 13

Oracle19c (Standard or Enterprise)19c (Standard or Enterprise)
Helm Chart Version