Acrolinx Release Notes (including subsequent service releases)

Version 2020.11 (16 November 2020) Acrolinx Private Cloud and Standard Stack


This is the last planned release for 2020, which means the end of the year is already in sight.

Before we start the new year, we've taken our time to focus on improving security and logging. We've also made it easier for you to meet your sentence length guidelines when product names are long. Of course we've done some bug hunting and fixing, so you can say goodbye to 2020 with a better Core Platform.

Also important: We'll drop dashboard support for Internet Explorer 11. This won't happen until our 2021.02 release, but we wanted to give you plenty of time to plan for the change.


Improved Security

It's no longer possible to guess the URL of an exported term dump. This is safer, especially when report downloads aren't secured by an access token.

Improved Logging

To make debugging easier, we've removed some obsolete and misleading log messages. 

Count Multiword Terms as One

Sometimes Acrolinx suggests shortening your sentence, but this isn't always possible because you can't shorten product names. We've made it feasible for Acrolinx to count multiword terms as single words. Sound exactly like what you need? Reach out to Support to get started.

Standard Stack Improvements

Maximum Memory

We've doubled the defaults for maximum memory consumption for the Core and Language Servers. The Core Server now needs up to 2 GB of memory and each Language Server up to 4 GB. This will make your transition from Standard Stack to Cloud smoother and easier.

Reporting Database Backup

We've made it easier for you to export manually configured database records. Now, you can back up the data structure for Content Groups, cost savings records, and other related records you've configured via the Dashboard. The benefit? You won't have to recreate the records manually when you transition to Cloud.

Bug Fixes

Login Failures

Cookies of expired Acrolinx Dashboard sessions sometimes prevented sign-in with OAuth. We've fixed this and authentication with OAuth 2.0 and your organization's Google account works again.

Term Filter in the Term Browser

The default term filter wasn't applied in the Term Browser. When you shared a term filter with the Term Browser, the filter got lost and wasn't applied. We've fixed this.

CSV File Imports

In rare cases, a CSV file import would corrupt the terminology database. We fixed this to make sure the terminology database works after you import a CSV file.

Checking Complex Documents

It could happen that Acrolinx would crash when you tried to check complex documents. We've fixed this. Now, you can check long documents and tables without any hiccups. 

Adding Target Keywords

When you tried to add a keyword to the target keyword list, you would occasionally get an error message. We've fixed this so you have full access to Findability.

Restoring Terminology Backup Reports

When you tried to back up or restore databases at the same time, the dump restore process would fail. Now, you'll receive a dashboard notification when a dump process is running, and you won’t be able to use the control buttons. Once the dump process finishes, the control buttons will work again and you can start another backup. 

HikariCP and Oracle Driver Loading

Sometimes, external processes caused broken database connections. If you've faced this problem, help is here. From now on, you can configure Acrolinx to manage database connections via the HikariCP connection pool. This lowers the risk of broken connections and is now compatible with the Oracle database. Have you come across this issue? Contact Support for assistance.


Support for Internet Explorer 11

Starting in 2021.02, we’ll drop dashboard support for Internet Explorer 11 due to low popularity and industry trends.

What This Means for You
  • 2021.02 will be the final release that supports Internet Explorer 11. After this release, we'll support Internet Explorer 11 for 18 months. This will apply to the 2021.02 release and to previously released versions.
  • Classic releases will continue to support Internet Explorer 11 during their 18-month support window.

See our Product Sunset Policy for more information.

Core Platform Compatibility

Web Browsers

Supported web browsers for access to the Dashboard and Term Browser.

Internet Explorer 11.x
Microsoft Edge (EdgeHTML 14)
Mozilla Firefox 68 or later
Google Chrome 76 or later
Safari 12

We'll sunset support for Internet Explorer 11.x with the 2021.02 release. Please visit our Product Sunset Policy page for more details. 


Standard Stack

If the Acrolinx Private Cloud isn't an option for you, this is the combination of software that we support for Acrolinx installations.

It's tested, supported, and works best in production.

If you run Acrolinx on a combination of these technologies, you can use the "Standard Stack" releases of the Core Platform. We release for the Standard Stack more frequently than for other on-premise technologies.

Standard StackRecommendedSupported
Operating System

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 7 (x64)

JavaOpenJDK 8 64-bit
DatabasesOracle19c11.2, 12.2, and 19c
The only exception is the RAC option, which isn’t supported.
PostgreSQL9.69.6 and 10