There are a few things you need before you can start working with the Acrolinx CLI.

  1. An Acrolinx License with the CLI enabled.
    Your existing Acrolinx license might not have the Acrolinx CLI enabled by default.
    To find out how to review your licensed products and request a new license, see the Core Platform documentation.

  2. Version 2018.12 or later of the Acrolinx Core Platform
    Because we've changed the Platform API, the CLI only works with newer versions of the Core Platform.

  3. A basic knowledge of Acrolinx concepts
    Acrolinx has several guidance settings that can dramatically affect the quality of the results. A perfectly integrated CLI isn’t much use if Acrolinx mostly reports non-issues due to incorrect guidance settings.
    These guidance settings are grouped in specific "profiles" which are usually managed by language or content experts. Before you move to production, check with your Acrolinx Guidance administrator about the correct profile to use. 
    It's also worthwhile to review the documentation about the guidance settings.