About the Acrolinx Command Line Interface

What's the Acrolinx Command Line Interface?

The Acrolinx Command Line Interface (CLI)  is a standalone tool that you run from the command line. It runs on Linux, Windows, or Mac and has similar functionality to the Acrolinx Content Analyzer but without the fancy user interface. You can use it to check local files, entire directories or even websites.

Why Use the Acrolinx CLI?

One word: Automation. While Content Analyzer is very user-friendly, the Acrolinx CLI is more powerful – especially if you're looking to integrate Acrolinx functionality into your internal systems. Here's a list of some of the things that you can do with the Acrolinx CLI:

  • Call the CLI from any script to automatically check your content.
  • Integrate Acrolinx checking into an editor or IDE, where Acrolinx doesn't yet have a native integration.
  • Quickly throw together a proof of concept for a custom Acrolinx Integration.
  • Integrate Acrolinx checking into systems that don't have a proper API.
  • Integrate Acrolinx checking into software written in an unsupported programming language support such as Python on Go.

To learn how to use the CLI, head to our Get Started section.