Acrolinx for Chrome - Supported Content

With Acrolinx for Chrome, you can check content in articles you write online (like Gmail). Acrolinx for Chrome is also great if you have web content that you want to check but don't yet have an Acrolinx product to use in your web CMS.

What You Can Check

Acrolinx for Chrome checks content that's in editable fields on most web pages. For example, you can check content that you're writing in emails, messages, or articles online. Go ahead and try it out!

You might find that Acrolinx doesn't check all your content. We can't guarantee that Acrolinx checks every field, or works in every environment – it's a big web out there! We're always happy to hear what works for you, and also what doesn't.

If you're looking for an integration in a specific environment, get in touch about your needs and let's have a conversation.