Content Library

Switch a Target, select content to govern, and review checking issues.

After Acrolinx finishes crawling your content, it'll start an Acrolinx check. Checked content will show up in the Content Library section of your Admin Console. Here, you can view the content in your library, add or remove governed content, switch a Target, and review checking issues.

You can filter your library content via four different views:

PAGES IN LIBRARYAll checked content.
PAGES UNDER GOVERNANCEAll checked content that you want to track via collections. You can add or remove content from this list. However, all checked content is added by default.
PAGES NOT GOVERNEDAll pages that you've chosen not to track. You can't add these pages to a collection.

All pages with that weren't successfully checked.

Add or Remove Governed Content

By default, all checked content is added to your Pages Under Governance list.

If you decide that you no longer want to track a page, click Stop governing at any time. This will delete the page from any existing collections, and it won't be available to track. You'll find these pages under Pages Not Governed.

To add a page back to your Pages Under Governance list, click Start governing.

Switch a Target

Like other Acrolinx products, Content Cube communicates with the Acrolinx Platform. This means that the Targets that you create in the platform also affect how your content gets reviewed in Content Cube.

Content Cube lets you assign the English or non-English Targets in your Acrolinx Platform. By default, Content Cube uses your preferred Target as the global Target. If no Targets are configured for the current language or user, Content Cube uses Target Batch Mapping to assign a Target. It's also possible to manually switch the Target for a specific page in your content library. This will override all platform-based assignments.

You'll need a Target for each of the languages that you want to check. Not sure which languages you can create Targets for? Have a look at the Acrolinx Language Support Matrix to learn more.

To switch the Target for content in your library, do the following:

  1. Navigate to the Admin Console.

  2. In the Content Library tab, select the pages that you want to switch a Target for.

  3. Click Switch Target and choose a Target from the dropdown.

  4. Click Save. Acrolinx will check with the new Target during the next weekly run.

    If you want to check with the new Target immediately, you can trigger an update in the Data Center section of the Admin Console.

Review Checking Issues

In some cases, Acrolinx can't check your content after a crawl. This can happen if a goal doesn't exist in the assigned Target or if there are connection issues. When a check for a page isn't complete, it gets added to your checking issues list.

To take a closer look at your checking issues, click the Checking Issues filter at the top of the content library. Here, you can click into the page tree to get more information about checking issues for each page listed.